Financial Elder Abuse is the most commonly identified type of Elder Abuse. (File this nugget away and take the quiz!) For this reason, it’s one of the main areas of focus for many of the members who sit on CREA. Learn more about upcoming workshops for front-line professionals and financial elder abuse investigators.

Financial Elder Abuse Action Group

CREA forms action groups when an issue is pressing and cuts across multiple sectors of our society. All of the CREA member organizations deal with cases of Financial Elder Abuse, and they’re very concerned with ensuring 2 things:

  1. Their front-line workers know how to spot Financial Elder Abuse, and
  2. The involved organizations know each other and understand how best to handle cases of Financial Elder Abuse and which agencies they’ll be working closely with.

The Financial Elder Abuse Action Group is led by Alison Leaney, CREA’s representative from the Provincial Guardian and Trustee’s office and includes representation from a breadth of organizations:

  • Consumer Protection BC
  • Seniors First BC
  • BC Law Institute
  • Salvador-Davis Notaries Public
  • Meridian Aging
  • Northern Health
  • Canadian Bankers’ Association
  • Central 1 Credit Union
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
  • Coast Capital Savings
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Together this Action Group has been hosting day-long workshops for professionals whose work makes them part of an investigation into Financial Elder Abuse.

Upcoming Event(s)

Save the Date: April 11, 2018

  • This group is hosting a day-long workshop in Vancouver on April 11, 2018. Financial Elder Abuse Action Group Workshop for Investigators. This workshop will help front-line professionals learn more about when and to whom to report suspected cases of financial elder abuse. Through reviewing a real case, participants can better learn which agencies become involved and how their processes work. There will be opportunity to discuss transition points – and how processes and communication might be made better within and among agencies.

Learn more and reserve your space: