Use this Decision Tree resource to help you determine your Elder Abuse response plan. Do your research before you need to report elder abuse with this easy-to-use decision tree.

Report Elder Abuse Using The Decision Tree

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Report Elder Abuse

Research Your Contacts BEFORE You Need to Report Elder Abuse

Decision Point 1: Is this an emergency where the person is in immediate physical danger? Report elder abuse by calling 911. The police have information about getting connected to Elder Abuse supports.

Decision Point 2: Is the person able and likely to seek assistance? If so, choose from one of these actions for finding help:

  • Support the adult to connect with the BC Association of Community Response Networks. These networks exist in >160 communities in BC. Find listings for your community and connect with your local CRN:
  • Call the Seniors’ Abuse and Information Line between 8 am and 8 pm. (1-604-437-1940 or 1-866-437-1940) Operated by Seniors First BC.
  • Call the Police non-emergency number for suspected crimes, risk of danger or physical harm. This information can be found via the BC Association of Community Response Networks (see above)
  • Contact Victim Link 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (1.800.563.0808)

Decision Point 3: Is the abuse, neglect or self-neglect related to financial matters or are assets at immediate risk? If so, contact the Public Guardian and Trustee. Phone: (Vancouver) 604.660.4444 (Victoria) 250.356.8160 (Interior/North) 250.712.7576 Website:

Decision Point 4: Is the abuse, neglect or self-neglect primarily related to non-financial matters? Call a Designated Agency.