The Council to Reduce Elder Abuse (CREA)

Do you know how to identify elder abuse?

CREA: On A Mission To Reduce Elder Abuse in BC

CREA was created and exists to foster collaboration and coordination in order to advance elder abuse prevention in British Columbia by:

  1. Promoting and facilitating awareness building and training on elder abuse prevention, recognition and response; and
  2. Galvanizing society to commit, both collectively and individually, to reducing elder abuse and ensuring that it is not tolerated in British Columbia.

Elder Abuse Prevention

Does your organization have Elder Abuse Prevention materials or programs to share? Is your organization looking for materials or programs? Learn more and get connected here...

Elder Abuse Recognition

Not all Elder Abuse is physical or overt. Learn more about how to recognize Elder Abuse. Click here.

Elder Abuse Response

Responding to Elder Abuse in our communities can be difficult. Learn more about connecting with support agencies and reporting Elder Abuse when you see it. Read more...

CREA’s Elder Abuse Action Groups

Financial Elder Abuse Action Group

Financial Elder Abuse is the most commonly identified type of Elder Abuse. (File this nugget away and take the quiz!) For this reason, it’s one of the main areas of focus for many of the members who sit on CREA. Learn more about upcoming workshops for front-line professionals and financial elder abuse investigators.

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Elder Abuse Capacity Building Projects

Elder Abuse Capacity Building Projects

Elder Abuse Capacity Building Projects Impact BC Seniors

In April 2015, with funding obtained through the Ministry of Health,CREA provided Capacity Building Grants for projects of up to $50,000. These Elder Abuse Capacity Building Projects continue to have impact for BC seniors.

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