CREA Council Members

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Alison Leaney

Agency: Public Guardian & Trustee of BC

Alix Adams

Agency: Ministry of Health

Anita Ford

Agency: Council to Reduce Elder Abuse (CREA) - Administrative Coordinator

Barb MacLean

Agency: Family Caregivers of BC

Brett Butchart

Agency: Interior Health Authority

Heather Treleaven

Agency: BC Community Response Networks - Executive Director & Council to Reduce Elder Abuse

Jackie Morris

Agency: Lawyer

Joseph Chidlow

Agency: RCMP

Kelly Acker

Agency: Ministry of Health

Lauren Syverson

Agency: Council to Reduce Elder Abuse - Program Coordinator

Leslie Gaudette

Agency: Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of BC

Marian Atkinson

Agency: BC Elders Communication Centre Society

Marie-Noel Campbell

Agency: Seniors First BC

Njeri Kontulahti

Agency: VanCity Credit Union

Thea-Lynne Fiddick

Agency: Settlement Program, Immigrant Services Society of BC