CREA Council Members

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Alanna Dunlop

Agency: RCMP

Alison Leaney

Agency: Public Guardian & Trustee of BC

Barb MacLean

Agency: Family Caregivers of BC

Brett Butchart

Agency: Interior Health

Danielle Prpich

Agency: Ministry of Health

Derek Moryson

Agency: Central 1 Credit Union

Gus Papagiannis

Agency: RCMP

Hartland Elcock

Agency: Canadian Bankers Association

Jane Hanson

Agency: RCMP

Krista James

Agency: Canadian Bar Association - BC Branch

Malanie Boyle

Agency: RCMP A/SSgt

Mark Fisher

Agency: Oak Bay Police

Martha Jane Lewis

Agency: CREA Program Coordinator

Michael Kary

Agency: BC Care Providers Association

Rajeev Mohindru

Agency: Progressive Intercultural Community Society

Sandra Greene

Agency: First Nations' Community Elder

Sheila Pither

Agency: Council of Senior Citizens Organizations

Sherry Baker

Agency: BC Community Response Networks